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Monday, June 10, 2013

Coming back!

Coming back to blogging this week! After taken some time off from it and reading everyone's comments I will be making changes to it. This blog will be strictly for fashion.. Whether your a teacher or not! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!

I apologize for not updating this more often. I have been so busy with school. I`m going to change a few things about this blog to make it easier on me and you!

I will be updating this weekend for sure!

I do have one request tho!!
My fiance and I are entered in a contest to win the Cutest Couple of Cincinnati!

I would love it if you all could vote!
Here is the link....

Meghan, Tyler

If this doesn`t work go to website
Click on the contest
Click view ALL
and we`re in the M`s under Meghan, Tyler !!

We would love to win this!!

Thanks!! :)

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


A lot of you have asked where I purchased my brown boots! I finally found them again on Famous .... If you plug this UrL into the search engine, hopefully it works! They are on Sale!

Sorry for the delay in outfits; updating today!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 114-126: December 20-January 1, 2013 !!

Day 114:


So today was the day the World was supposed to end! But Idon`t believe in that! So Tyler and I took a 10 hour drive to New York!
 It wasone of the most memorable moments of my life!
Wore this outfit for the first day in New York!
Jeans-Kohls (2010)
White V-neck-Victoria`s Secret (Sell all year round)
Black Cardigan-Forever 21
Infinity Scarf-H&M
Ugg Boots-Victoria`s Secret

On a Trolly Bus!

I`m Engaged! Tyler asked me to marry him on top of the Rockefeller Center! :)
We have a video I might post it in another blog post!

My beautiful Ring! :)
A Women`s best accessory!
Day 115:


Second day in New York! (Trying to bring Ohio fashion to NewYork) !!

Jeggings-TJMAXX (December 2012)

Sweater-Kohl’s (Worn before)

Black Booty Heels-Forever 21

Off to see Ground Zero & The Statue of Liberty!

That night we went out to dinner!

Black Sweater-Kohl`s (December 2012)


Black Boots-Forever 21

I suggest not going to New York in the winter. I was freezing the whole time!
Wore my cute Victoria`s Secret comfy pants and hoodie before bed!

Day 116:

What I wore on our last day!

Wore this outfit before: Had to reuse and outfit because I`m limited duringthe winter time!


White tank-top-Target

Cardigan-Forever 21


Infinity Scarf-Forever 21


On our way home as an engaged couple!

Day 117:

Christmas Eve!

Love this cardigan/coat!

Jeggings-Forever 21

Boots-Forever 21

Black Tank-top-Target (Sell all year round)

Hounds Tooth cardigan-Francesca’s (November 2012)

Silver Jewelry!!

Love that it has a hood as well!

Day 118:

Merry Christmas !

Red Sweater-Kohl`s (December 2012)
Black Boots-Forever 21

Double Engagement!
My brother proposed to my new sister in-law Brittney!
So excited for planning!

My new light speed flash! So excited to potograph for the Wedding in April!
Day 119:

Excuse Tyler`s messy room!

It finally snowed in Ohio! We were snowed in all day so we relaxed and decided to go to dinner that night.

Coat-Kohl`s (Black Friday $40)

Hounds Tooth Scarf-JCPenny

Day 120:

Wore a previous outfit on this day because I was staying at Tyler`s and had no other choice! Can`t wait till we have our own house!
I bought him this outfit for Christmas:
Jeans-Rock & Republic brand from Kohl`s
Black V-neck- Target
Day 121:

My Honey !!
Will be posting the full month of December outfit soon as well as my recent outfits!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 73-93: November 11-30, 2012

Day 73:

What a wore to my oldest brother`s wedding!

Dress-Dillards(November 2012)
Black tights-Target (Sell all year round)
Black Heels-Forever 21 (Purchased in 2010) -consider these booty heels
Could wear for a night out after a long day of teaching!
Day 74:

Excuse my lovely socks!

Top-Gap (summer 2011)
Black slacks-Banana Republic
Wore with black flates

Day 75:


Casual oufit for the weekend!
Jeans-Macy`s (Was given as a gift to me)
Black V-neck-Victoria`s Secret
Moccasin Slipper-shoes-Target (Extremely comfortable)
Day 76:

Black top-Gap

Jeans-Forever 21

Boots-Famous Footwear


Made this for my photo shoots with young children! Found the idea off pinterest! :)
Day 77:

Just another plan day.

Jeggings-Forever 21

Black top-Target

Scarf-Charming Charlie`s

Boots-Famous Footwear

Day 78:

Stripes are my favorite!
White tank top-kohls
Black dress pants-Express
Black booty heals

Day 79:

Grey V-neck-Gap
Leggings-Victoria`s Secret
Black cardigan-Target
Pink Scarf-Charming Charlie`s
Black Boots-Kohls (purchased on black friday!)

Day 80:

My students called this my "Super-model outfit" !!

Stripped top-Target (2011)

Jeggings-Forever 21

Black Heels-Forever 21 (2010)

Necklace-Charming Charlie`s

Day 81:

Red Top-Target (2011)
Jeggings-Forever 21
Cowgirl boots-Bakers
Day 82:

Really love this outfit!

Jean Shirt-Forever 21

White top-Gap (sleeveless)

Jeggings-Forever 21

Black Heels-Forever 21
Silver Jewlery

Day 83:

Blue Top- Forever 21 (Have had this shirt since I was a junior in high school)
Black Pants-Express
Black Booty Heels-Dillards
Day 84:

Stripped Shirt-H&M

Jeggings-Forever 21

Blue Jacket-Forever 21

Orange scarf-Kohls

Boots-Famous Footwear

Day 85:

White tank top-Target
Jeggings-Forever 21

My pre-schoolers art for our Safari week!

Day 86:

This was my last day of teaching my pre-schoolers! Sad day. :/

White top-Forever 21

Jeggings-Forever 21


Started using this mascara! I highly suggest using it!

Ready for Winter Break!

My new headband! :)
Day 87:

Went to the Bengals game with my Best Friends and this is what I wore! :)

Day 88:

First Day of Relaxing! :)

Victoria`s Secret Pants!

Day 89:

Running Christmas Errands!

Long Sleeve Shirt from my Turkey Day Run!
Leggings-Victoria`s Secret

Black Boots-JCPenny

Day 90-93:

Didn`t take a picture of my outfit today: Wore a stripped shirt that was worn in a previous outfit and buckle jeans! Went to dinner with Ty and our friends!
Skipping over three days because I spent sometime at home relaxing with my family in comfortable clothes!


This is my recent work I`ve done with my Photography Business! Check out my website! :)

This last picture I captured a picture of my good friend Brian Savino and designed his logo. Check out his facebook page and like his page! :)