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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 114-126: December 20-January 1, 2013 !!

Day 114:


So today was the day the World was supposed to end! But Idon`t believe in that! So Tyler and I took a 10 hour drive to New York!
 It wasone of the most memorable moments of my life!
Wore this outfit for the first day in New York!
Jeans-Kohls (2010)
White V-neck-Victoria`s Secret (Sell all year round)
Black Cardigan-Forever 21
Infinity Scarf-H&M
Ugg Boots-Victoria`s Secret

On a Trolly Bus!

I`m Engaged! Tyler asked me to marry him on top of the Rockefeller Center! :)
We have a video I might post it in another blog post!

My beautiful Ring! :)
A Women`s best accessory!
Day 115:


Second day in New York! (Trying to bring Ohio fashion to NewYork) !!

Jeggings-TJMAXX (December 2012)

Sweater-Kohl’s (Worn before)

Black Booty Heels-Forever 21

Off to see Ground Zero & The Statue of Liberty!

That night we went out to dinner!

Black Sweater-Kohl`s (December 2012)


Black Boots-Forever 21

I suggest not going to New York in the winter. I was freezing the whole time!
Wore my cute Victoria`s Secret comfy pants and hoodie before bed!

Day 116:

What I wore on our last day!

Wore this outfit before: Had to reuse and outfit because I`m limited duringthe winter time!


White tank-top-Target

Cardigan-Forever 21


Infinity Scarf-Forever 21


On our way home as an engaged couple!

Day 117:

Christmas Eve!

Love this cardigan/coat!

Jeggings-Forever 21

Boots-Forever 21

Black Tank-top-Target (Sell all year round)

Hounds Tooth cardigan-Francesca’s (November 2012)

Silver Jewelry!!

Love that it has a hood as well!

Day 118:

Merry Christmas !

Red Sweater-Kohl`s (December 2012)
Black Boots-Forever 21

Double Engagement!
My brother proposed to my new sister in-law Brittney!
So excited for planning!

My new light speed flash! So excited to potograph for the Wedding in April!
Day 119:

Excuse Tyler`s messy room!

It finally snowed in Ohio! We were snowed in all day so we relaxed and decided to go to dinner that night.

Coat-Kohl`s (Black Friday $40)

Hounds Tooth Scarf-JCPenny

Day 120:

Wore a previous outfit on this day because I was staying at Tyler`s and had no other choice! Can`t wait till we have our own house!
I bought him this outfit for Christmas:
Jeans-Rock & Republic brand from Kohl`s
Black V-neck- Target
Day 121:

My Honey !!
Will be posting the full month of December outfit soon as well as my recent outfits!


  1. Love, love, LOVE your outfits!!! :)

  2. More pics of Tyler outfits please! I'm a guy with no fashion sense and need more ideas!!

  3. What brand are your Kohl's jeans? And your jeggings what style r those? Love ur blog!! Congrats on engagement!!

  4. Gurl-I am so excited for your potographs too! A good potograph is truly a women's best accessory!!

  5. Love your outfits! Perhaps you could create some outfits that don't use leggings or jeggings, as many schools have outlawed these for teachers because they are too form-fitting (like my school did this year). Just a thought!

  6. Wow I love this! and congrats on the engagment btw! As an aspiring teacher myself it is nice to see another persons outlook on dressing for class.

    If you have a chance I would love for you to take a look at my blog. It's a mix between fashion related posts & diy home decor.


    xoxo, Cat

  7. Where did the black lace top come from??

  8. Wow, these outfits are considered teacher's clothes? They're very form fitting and definitely not appropriate for a teacher imo.